The Queensland Investors Club Inc. rose from the ashes of the 1987 share market crash and was formed in 1988. As such the Club is now in it’s 30th year.  It is a non-profit organisation for people with an interest in investing, with particular emphasis on the stock market.

The membership covers a wide range of investment sectors and styles. QIC Inc. does not manage any pooled investments.

A self directed investor needs to develop their own investment plan after sifting through the available  information. Our members use various strategies to do this, both technical and fundamental.

At Club meetings members share their own knowledge through members presentations, as well as regular “Round Robin” discussions. In this way a wealth of knowledge and experience can be accessed to assist you in growing  capital and more importantly, avoiding  loss. QIC Inc. welcomes all new members. This includes the young or inexperienced who want to learn new skills, as well as the more experienced who would benefit from the free sharing of knowledge and new ideas to be found within the membership.

The Queensland Investors Club Inc. are a Supporting Association of Energy Mines and Money Australia. Register now.