The Queensland Gas Association (QGA) is an Association run by professionals for professionals, ensuring that gas business remains viable for future generations.

As the voice of the Gas Industry within Queensland, we are continually advocating Gas Safety Awareness.

The Queensland Gas Association is an association formed with Plumbers, Gas/Electrical Specialists, Gas Fitters, and Gas Engineers. Our main charter is to carry out Gas Approvals of Individual Type A Gas Devices.

The QGA is currently managed by four committees; Executive, Technical, Certifiers & Members Committees, all positions are filled by a member vote at the Annual General Meeting. They represent a wide range of gas related businesses and associated organisations such as the Master Plumbers Association, registered training organisations, gas appliance manufacturers, gas appliance service companies, gas component companies and gas appliance installers.

The QGA Executive Committee, contributing members and various committee personnel are volunteers in their positions, and provide volunteered/non-renumerated work for the betterment of the QGA, and the Gas Industry, in the pursuit of a safe compliant gas network within Queensland and beyond.

The mission of the QGA is to represent the gas interests of the Queensland Gas Industry, interest groups or individuals through education, industry promotion, self-regulation and industry standards.

Our aim is to reinforce the entire education of Gas Safety Awareness for all concerned throughout the State of Queensland and beyond.

To achieve its mission, the QGA will represent the interests of the downstream gas industry in Queensland.

QGA’s specific objectives, without priority, are to:

  • Assist in the decision making in all levels of government in respect to legislation and compliance.
  • Pursue better ways of doing business by pursuing industry standards.
  • Provide an open forum where manufacturers, customers, regulators and contractors can jointly work together to improve gas safety awareness, facilitate and promote gas technology and resolve issues associated with the manufacture and installation of gas appliances and equipment.
  • Strive to improve the commercial aspects of the gas industry.

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