The Queensland Government is proud to sponsor Energy Mines and Money Australia and welcomes you, your interest and your investment in Queensland. We actively support our state’s mining companies and investors, fostering a climate inducive to business, development and exploration across our $6 billion resources sector. The prospective potential of the state spans coal, gas, copper, zinc and other mineral resources. Currently Queensland is the world’s second largest seaborne coal exporter and, if the state were a country, it would be ranked as the fourth largest LNG exporter. As well as zinc, nickel, bauxite, lead and copper, we produce cobalt and vanadium, used in wind turbines and batteries, which are intrinsic to the renewable energy boom. Our vast, resource-filled state also boasts a global reputation as a leading provider of skills and technologies that support mining services including mining equipment technology and services (METS) and international research collaborations. The Queensland Government is proud to be the Principle Partner of Energy Mines and Money. Download the programme now.