Queensland – a world-class destination for mining and resource investment.

Queensland is globally recognised as a leading destination for mining and resources investment and as Australia’s gateway to Asian markets. Queensland has world-class resources, sustainable mining practices and a supply sector with a strong and stable legacy of discovery and development.

Queensland has vast coal, gas, copper, zinc and other mineral resource endowments, well-established expertise and a proven history of innovative exploration and mining practices.

Queensland also has a rich endowment of many new economy minerals and is well placed to build a strong renewable-energy sector.

Today, the resources sector continues to be as important as ever for Queensland. In 2018-19 it contributed almost $5.2 billion in royalties to the Queensland economy, supported by a sophisticated and well-established network of infrastructure, facilities and a skilled workforce.


Queensland values exploration

Queensland has an established and highly successful mining industry. The state recognises the benefits of development and values new exploration, while ensuring investors and explorers benefit from strong regulatory systems that align with the environmental, social and governance aspects of resource development.

Through its exploration program, the Queensland Government is opening up large areas of unexplored land for exploration and has invested in modern technologies to identify new areas of resource potential across the state. In fact, Queensland’s geophysical data, and its ongoing advancements in making this accessible to explorers, is world-leading.


Discover QUREX

The Queensland Resources and Exploration Gateway (QUREX) is a partnership between the Queensland Exploration Council and Queensland Government that provides information and advice for explorers and helps businesses discover the advantages of investing in the state’s thriving resources exploration industry.


Explore the Queensland Globe

Investors also have access to over 600 spatial data layers on Queensland roads, rail, property, topography, mining and exploration and more through the Queensland Globe — an online interactive mapping tool for viewing physical, geographical and spatial data.


An investment destination of choice

Supported by a world-class mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector, Queensland is a mining, energy and resources investment proposition of choice. To facilitate and grow global connections, the Queensland Government and Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) are proud to support Mines and Money Connect Online.