Multicom Resources Limited is a mining company rapidly progressing the advanced and 100% owned Saint Elmo vanadium deposit through its feasibility studies and statutory approvals processes. The Saint Elmo project is situated 25km east of Julia Creek in Queensland’s North West Minerals Province. This district is renowned as one of the world’s richest mineral-producing regions.
Vanadium has been one of the best performing commodities over the past two years. Its use in the steel sector accounts for approximately 90% of the global vanadium consumption. There is currently an increasing global demand for lighter weight and higher strength steels across the infrastructure, aviation and automotive industries. Vanadium is also a core component of the emerging Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technology, which uses a vanadium electrolyte to produce long-life, stable energy storage systems.
The Saint Elmo Project has a large-scale, JORC 2012 Compliant Resource that occurs at-surface and only extends to a maximum depth of 20m. This shallow, sedimentary deposit is free-dig, resulting in a low cost, low impact mining and beneficiation process. The metallurgical process incorporates cost effective, proven technologies to extract high grade vanadium pentoxide.
Multicom continues to work closely with its strategic partners in the development of the Saint Elmo Project. These partners include Wave International, Epic Environmental, Downer Group, Alexander Mining and StorEn Technologies.
Having already formed established relationships with offtake partners across the steel and energy storage sectors, Multicom is set to become a global supplier of vanadium products.

Ticker: Private Company

Country of Operation: Australia

Project Status: Development

Board of Directors and Management:

  • Shaun McCarthy | CEO
  • Christian Shaw | CFO
  • Duncan Harris | Chairman of the Board
  • Nathan Cammerman | Executive Director
  • Dr Ralph Craven & Brian Philips | Non-Executive Directors
  • Duncan Cornish | Company Secretary

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