At CSIRO, we do the extraordinary every day. We innovate for tomorrow and help improve today – for our customers, all Australians and the world.
Our value to the Australian economy is massive. Annually, six CSIRO technologies alone contribute $5 billion to the economy in areas as diverse as automated mining, advanced materials and aquaculture. With more than 1,800 patents we are Australia’s largest patent holder. This ever-increasing wealth of intellectual property is a vast source of commercial opportunity and has already resulted in more than 150 spin-off companies, with many more to come.

For around a century we have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in science and technology. Our world-renowned successes include WiFi, the Hendra vaccine and polymer banknotes. But its tomorrow’s innovations that excite us – wearable technology that alerts a doctor when you are sick, diets based on your DNA and so much more.With more than 5,000 experts based in 55 centres, extensive local and international networks, and a burning desire to get things done, we are Australia’s catalyst for innovation and a global force in transforming imagination into reality.

We collaborate with 3,000 customers each year, including Australian federal, state and local government bodies; small, medium and large businesses; the majority of Research Development Corporations, Cooperative Research Centres and Australian universities, and more than 150 international partners. By focusing on the needs of our customers and their end-to-end experience, we can drive innovation that makes a real difference.

The quality of our research underpins our ability to innovate. Our research is trusted; our discoveries are published in world-leading journals and globally, we are in the top one per cent in 15 of 22 research fields. Everything we do is focused on creating measurable economic, environmental and social benefits that better our world and Australia’s place in it.

CSIRO. We imagine. We collaborate. We innovate.

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